Luis Argento was a gentlemen from southern Italy. As a young boy he left his hometown Catania on a steamboat to pursuit his dreams. Mr. Argento lived most of his life in New York, he became a highly respected businessman and many sought his advice. Except from always being impeccable and sophisticated, he always held his money secure and respectable in his wallet, simple but yet very elegant and made of high quality leather. 

But Luis was not born successful, in fact he was born in a poor family, with big dreams. He left Italy at the age of 16 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, without any luggage but only his leather wallet, that his grandfather had made for him and engraved with his name ARGENTO.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

He worked hard and struggled, sometimes even going without food for days to make sure he could save as much money as possible. He had a dream and solidly worked hard toward the achievement of it. The day he had saved enough money, he purchased his first stock action. He bought 5 shares of Cities Service, a local oil service company, at 37$ a share. He had identified the company as undervalued and was confident in making a nice profit and start a new life.

However the stock action lost more then half of its price within just a few days of Luis purchasing it. He was devastated and for the first time in his life he doubted. But he never lost hope and held onto the stock until it rebounded to $100 a share! Luis closed the trade and made a $63 per share profit. Since that day, Luis climbed the ladder at a record speed and became one of the most successful investor of his time, keeping his unpretentious and elegant style.

“Never lose hope. Never forget the power of intentions, visualisation and desires.” 

To honor Luis Argento, his determination and legacy. We have created these minimalist and sophisticated collection of cardholders to symbolize his vision of life, elegant way of living and his respect for money.